How changing clothes can affect your birth?

How changing clothes can affect your birth?

Do you feel like what you wear affects your mood? Do you have less energy when you are lounging around in pajamas? Do you find that your energy increases when you get dressed and put on make up?

What about specific clothing? Do you have a piece of clothing that as you put it on you body, imbues you with a little more confidence? You stand a little straighter and walk a little taller?  

In the book Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion by Professor Karen J. Pine, she talks about “happy clothes. She said,

“When we asked the women in our research what it was about their ‘happy’ clothes that made them feel good, they told us that they were well-cut, figure-enhancing, and likely to be made from bright and beautiful fabrics.”

Part of mine and April's reason for designing the Dear Darby Labor Gown, it this exact concept.  We wanted to empower women giving birth.  We knew that if women could show up more confidently in their birth, that they would make more confident choices in how they were giving birth and this would result in a positive birth experience no matter what happened.  

Especially in a hospital.

Another quote from Karen J. Pine addresses the effect that hospital gowns have on our psyche.  

“…the hospital patient will also be familiar with the process of being stripped of their own clothes and simultaneously of their sartorial identity. …this leaves the patient ‘struck dumb’ and therefore powerless, without a voice. By the mere act of being forced into a shapeless, pale, flimsy garment that gapes at the back or fastens like a baby’s gown, the hospital patient is ‘transformed into a half-naked, helpless, inarticulate creature that cannot even dress itself. In some chic hospitals and examining rooms, the traditional infantile garment is very pale blue, suggesting trust and docility as well as helpless innocence”. In hospital it helps the patient and the health care givers if the patient becomes commoditized and homogenized.”

We want you to FEEL the way you want to give birth.  Beautiful, confident, powerful, comfortable, relaxed, amazing, etc,  etc, etc!!!!

This is a transformative moment in every women's life.  You will never forget the moment that you gave birth to another human being.  We hope you let this experience transform you body, mind and soul.  

No matter what you choose to wear for your birth, we hope you feel like the powerful birthing goddess that you are.  

You are simply amazing. 

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