Poop- You know you want to know. Pregnancy constipation, pooping while in labor and the first poop after your baby is born.

Poop- You know you want to know.  Pregnancy constipation, pooping while in labor and the first poop after your baby is born.

For some reason people don't like talking about poop.  We personally love it.  Maybe you will too, once you understand the miracle that it is. When you understand all the ways your poop is communicating it's needs and relaying information about what is going on inside your body, you will become poops biggest fan too!

There is so much to know about your bowels, but right now we are just going to focus on the the uncomfortable parts during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. 

Pregnancy constipation

Most women will experience constipation during pregnancy. Here are a few things that can cause a buttload of crap for you. 

😩Changing hormones
😧Decreased physical activity (from exhaustion of growing a human)
💊Increase in supplementation (iron and calcium and contribute to constipation)           (here are some links to iron supplements that don't cause as much constipation

🦠Change in gut bacteria
🌯Change in diet (morning sickness, cravings)
😳A growing baby can put extra pressure on the colon

Those are the reasons, here are some natural solutions.
💩WATER!!!! A lot of times you are not drinking enough water.
💩Warm liquids- help your intestines to relax.
💩Fiber and fiber rich foods- dark green veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

💩Probiotic- helps with the health of your gut.

💩Exercise- movement helps “movement”
💩Magnesium- super good at releasing the bowels. 

These solutions typically work wonders for pregnant mamas.

Pooping during the pushing the labor phase

First of all many, many, many women poop while they are giving birth.  Seriously, you probably didn't even know that you did because the angel nurses and midwifes are ready for it and they are prepared to quickly clean any poop up without a second thought.  

We want to reframe your thoughts of pooping in labor from being embarrassing to realizing it is super awesome, honestly!!  If you poop while you are pushing then you are directing your energy to the correct area of your body and your baby will be soon in your arms. 

So rejoice!! You are doing an amazing job!!!

So do not stress about it.  Your body is remarkable. You do not need to be embarrassed or ashamed about anything your body does.  

The first poop after your baby is born

 Ok, this one is real.  It doesn't matter if you had a vaginal tear or not, if you had a vaginal birth, the first time you poop after the birth can be a bit...uncomfortable.  Doesn't have to, but often is.  We have a few ways you can help yourself have a smooth mooove. 😏

Relax.  Seems too easy? Well, did you know the stress hormone cortisol can cause contraption? So if you are stressed out about this first poop, you are setting yourself up for 🔪🗡.

Try relaxing your forehead, jaw and shoulders.  Focus on releasing tension from your body. As you are focusing on relaxation maybe throw in a visualization for good measure.  If you have seen the Squatty Potty video you will understand.  Visualize your poop as smooth as "soft-serve straight from your sphincter". 

Water!!! You just had a baby and you lost a lot of fluids in the process, not to mention if you are breastfeeding, you may be dehydrated.  Pooping can become difficult when you are not drinking enough.  

Move. You are recovering from a major life event and you might not be moving as much as you normally do.  Movement can stimulate your reflux to poop. 

Fiber.  Eating plenty of dark, leafy green veggies, fruits, some whole grains and seeds can help with  postpartum constipation.  (this is our favorite)

Supplements.  Probiotics and Magnesium (Red Raspberry Leaf) can help to relax the colon and move your bowel more effectively.  

Now that you know some things that will help you have an easier first poop after you have your baby, as well as help with any postpartum constipation, you don't have to be worried! 

You just did an amazing thing.  You can just focus on loving and bonding with your brand new baby.  Smelling them, snuggling them, listening to their heart melting coos.  Don't let pooping ruin those moment for you.  

When you should call your care provider

However, we do want to give you some info on when your poop should have you worried.  There are a few red flags to be aware of. 

Like explosive diarrhea or having more than 5-6 loose bowel movements a day.  Call your care provider. 

If you notice blood in your stool, or unusually painful bowel movements. These could be signs of an anal fissure.  Call your care provider.

If you have a fever of more than 100.4 degrees this could signal a  complication that shouldn’t be ignored, such as an infection in the uterus, vagina, or urinary tract, or an infection at the site of cesarean incisions or perineal tears. Call your care provider. 

We hope you feel a little more amazed by your body.  You are simply spectacular!

Have you had poop issues in pregnancy, labor or postpartum? We want to hear about it. Really!

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