Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body: Week 1

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Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body: Week 1


Weight lost: 8lbs 2oz out of my uterus

Weight gained: 8lbs 2oz into my arms

The first week after baby is always my hardest week. Mostly because I get horrible after birth pains and dread nursing because I end up moaning through intense cramping, begging for counter pressure on my back, vomiting from the pain, and shaking from a drop in my temperature. All the while gently holding a brand new baby to my breast as she tries to figure out nursing from my ever increasing tender and sore nipples.

I have incredible smooth and quick deliveries of which I’m eternally grateful for. But it does kind of feel like my body thinks the birth might have been too easy so it sends me transition every time I nurse for the following 3-5 days after my baby comes.

I would say It definitely inhibits the bonding that can come from nursing for the first week. But I know it will get better so I make extra effort to do more skin to skin and love on my baby when I’m not feeling like I want to crawl out of my skin.

Each time I put on the depends I try and remember how grateful I am that my body is taking this time to safely return my uterus back down to its original size and I’m not stuck with a deflated watermelon sized balloon hanging out in my insides. I’m also very grateful that my body is cleansing itself from the pervious nine months. Plus it’s hard to feel bad when my two year old saw me pull up the depends and excitedly asked, “you wear a diaper like me?” Yeah buddy, I get to wear a diaper, like you.

postpartum body

I understand it’s super important to let my body heal this week. Not only did I get stitches; but then there is my uterus going back down to size, the open wound inside the uterus from where the placenta was attached, the bleeding, the adjustments in my body, etc. etc.

But by day 4 I was weepy. My husband was back at work, my kids were all super whiny all day, I ate an entire sleeve of Oreos without even realizing it because I was so bugged.

Needless to say I wasn’t providing my body with the nutrients it needed. Or getting much rest at night or during the day.

But after thinking about it I realized something, I didn’t want everyone to go and leave me alone. I am an extrovert and after lots of days being somewhat alone and trying to “take it easy and rest” I was losing my mind. I wanted out. So I planned the next day to get out. I went with my whole family to Costco (my happy place) we then went to the park for some time in the sunshine. After that I called up my sister and told her what I was feeling so we went out to a restaurant on a double date. It felt so nice!  It lifted my spirits and was exactly what I needed; to shower and get ready then leave my house and enjoy other peoples' company. All while keeping my brand new baby strapped to my chest and close to my heart.

I went against all advice but I listened to myself and trusted that I knew what was going to be best for me.


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June 19, 2019

Thank you so much for sharing this reality; I think you’ve inspired me to do the same on my blog after #3 gets here! Love your story!

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