Week 3: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

Week 3: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body


  • Traded the boulder in my belly for two rocks on my chest.
  • Still figuring out the "new" normal. Routine, Feeding, Sleeping...
  • Lose hours at a time just staring at my baby. Soaking up all her tiny-ness.

Every time I sit down to go to the bathroom I am constantly impressed with how much my bladder can hold and subsequently release without the feeling of urgently needing to pee. It was the exact opposite throughout pregnancy.

Especially because the second my baby latches on to nurse I feel Instant and unquenchable thirst and can down 32oz. of water per feeding. I’m just so grateful for the ability my bladder has to regain normal function and capacity even after being smooshed for 9 months.


I feel like I should write an ode to my bladder:

Oh my enduring bladder

You are one I should never take for granted

full of contradictions, you bring both discomfort and relief.

I have spent months being mostly annoyed at how often you have demanded my presence in the restroom for your own remission.

Then there were those few weeks in the winter months that being burdened with a cough you didn't even wait for a toilet before extrication.

I could be mad, but I'm not.

I am impressed with how well you took care of me, us really.

Eliminating so much extra from my own body, then giving up your own space for our sweet little girl. 

Sacrificing your own comfort for hers.

Thanks. You, me, and Kidneys, let's be besties for life, OK?

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