Week 5: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

Week 5: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

We blessed our new little Ren in our church on Sunday. It’s a time that family comes into town and we get to celebrate this new little life by gathering together.

I knew there would be people around and pictures taken and I really wanted to get myself a new dress. Something that was new and fresh and that I felt beautiful in.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any time to go shopping and more unfortunate there wasn’t any time for an online purchase to be shipped.

The day came and I decided not to stress out. I was just going to enjoy the day. This was my fifth child and from the blessing days of my previous 4 kids all I had to show was very few pictures and a lot of worrying and planning about what to feed all who came.

It was perfect, I didn’t force anyone to wear anything particular, they (my kids) all wore what they wanted. I wore a dress that fit, that I could nurse in, and I felt comfortable and beautiful in.

My only request was to get a picture of my whole family together.

I have loved looking at those pictures knowing this is my family! They are my life!

I immediately thought of the painting by Angelica Kauffman: Cornelia presenting her children as her treasures (Art history nerd here.) and being overcome by the same feeling, these sweet babes that sometimes drive me crazy are the most treasured thing in my life. They are all wonderful human beings!

They are going to grow up and I will still get to be their mother, but right now my babies are still my babies so I’m resolving now to take more snuggles, read them more books, and when they tell me “no thank you” when I ask if I can brush their hair not worrying that they look like orphans while we are in public.

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