Week 6: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

Week 6: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

The pivotal week 6!

We all know what I’m talking about.

I’m supposed to be completely healed and intimacy can resume.

This is the first postpartum that I have been nervous about that. Mostly because I am still experiencing some stinging periodically on my perineum. I spoke to my midwife about it and she said it was common for the skin on the perineum to be rather thin. She said she could prescribe me an estrogen cream I could apply to it that would help to thicken the skin. I didn’t feel like I wanted that. It actually was all I needed to know that it was normal and fairly common and that given time the skin would be completely fine and in the meantime extra lubrication would help. I think I was nervous that I was stitched up weird, or that there was an infection, or just something wrong. But after expressing my concerns and getting feedback I now feel more confident.

My libido is always a little low after having a baby, which makes sense seeing as how my body is working on replacing hormones and typically there isn’t ovulation happening for a while. Also, there is a baby around, like sleeping in a pack and play in the corner of my room. So I  usually have to work a little harder to be in the mood.

I am so grateful to my darling husband who is very patient and understanding. He absolutely loves every part of me, even and maybe especially, my postpartum body. So I’m always willing to put in the work. I never regret the intimacy I get to share with him. 

p.s. This picture was taken while I was in labor with Ren. He was giving me counter pressure on my back. He's always been the absolute best support, I'm so happy he's my everyday.

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