Week 7: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

Week 7: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

It’s amazing what I don’t notice until it’s gone.

My eyes, my vision, I totally take it for granted, I just expect them to show up for me daily and do what I need. In fact most of the time the notice I give my eyes are looking at the color, or wishing my eyelids weren’t so thick so I could put eyeshadow on differently. I remember my mom telling me I was going to need a lid lift by the time I was 30. She wasn't wrong.

I just found out that one of my friends has lost most of her vision permanently in one eye due to a stroke.

But that all seems so utterly trivial now. Why in the world should I care how long my eyelashes are or the shape of my eyebrows when I have two completely miraculous eyeballs. Of which all those things, lashes, lids, brows exist purely to protect the phenomenon that are eyes.

Do you know what goes in to the function of an eye? It’s incredible! There is soooo many parts and functions. It’s the most sophisticated camera with multiple lenses working all at the same time. Not to mention all the data it collects that is processed by our brains at any given second. Then there are 1.2 million nerve fibers that travel from your optic nerve to your brain and ALL the different parts of your body for each body part to respond faster than we are aware to what our eyes see.

Oh what I would miss if I didn’t have eyes! The sweet smiles from my baby, the connection I feel when we have eye contact. The freckles on my Bridget’s nose, the adorable curls of Ruthie’s hair, Darby’s perfect crooked smile, Solomon’s sweet facial expressions. The way my husband looks at me with so much love. I am so grateful I don’t miss any of it.

This week I want to be consciously aware of what my eyes are seeing. Oh how grateful I am for my eyes!

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