Week 9: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

Week 9: Pursuit of the Perfect Postpartum Body

My sweet baby has started rubbing my skin as I nurse her. I can feel her tiny hand move back and forth along my love handles and sometimes she wedges her little hand into my armpit for comfort, as my bulging breast feeds her life sustaining nutrients.

Her other hand grasps a fist full of my shirt as if she wants to pull me closer, look me in the eyes, and level with me:

Listen up, this is important, I need you. You are exactly perfect for me. Not only do you make sure I am fed and changed, you protect me. You provide for my emotional, mental, social needs as well. I get so excited when you look me in the face and smile and coo, I try to mimic your mouth and eyes. I love your smell and can definitely tell when you aren't the one holding me, sometimes I cry about it because I just want you. You are the one I love most, you are the one I have known the longest, you are my comfort. I can't do this on my own, I am so grateful I have you. 
Thank you for being there for me every moment of everyday. Thank you for caring about my wellbeing. Thank you for worrying about my development and growth. Thank you.
I care about you too. Your wellbeing, your mental state, your happiness. There isn't much I can say to you right now, but if I could articulate my thoughts I would tell you that you are perfect. I would tell you how thankful I am that you carried me all those months and let me grown inside you. Sharing your nutrients, freely giving me your flesh and blood. I love every bit of you and I especially love these love handles, they feel so nice.

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