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The Angel Gown

Size Guide

You deserve to look and feel your best while you are in labor. The Angel Gown can do this with a beautiful ruffle that flows away from the body and thin straps to help you feel less confined.

Angel Features Includes:

•  Skin to skin access.
• Easily pull up band under the ruffle for nursing. 
• Made from moisture wicking fabric so you can get in and out of water while laboring without removing. 
• Built in bra cups for extra support.
• Snaps around the bottom so the skirt can be removed from the top, to labor in the tub or shower still allowing for coverage on top.
• Machine wash and hang dry.

  1. Long: mid-calf length
  2. Short: knee-length

Long and Short Skirt Features Includes:

• Snaps down the font open to allow for fetal monitors or any needed access to the bare belly without complete exposure.
• Skirt pulls low in back to allow for epidural access if necessary and can be returned to its normal position over the epidural catheter.
• Italian milled moisture wicking fabric, light-weight and so soft.
• Snaps around the top of the skirt allow to be removed from the top, to labor in the tub or shower
• Gathered elastic for ease of movement and very accommodating for a growing belly.
• Machine wash and hang dry.


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