About Us

 Hi! We are Aleena and April and are the founders of Dear Darby and we are sisters!!

We love the experience of pregnancy and birth and view it as a transformative time in a woman's life. A time where she is in a vulnerable state while she transitions from womanhood to motherhood.

We feel it's hugely important to be surrounded by a sisterhood where she can learn about what is happening to her body, feel safe in her vulnerability, and uplifted by others in all aspects of life.

We are both doula's and love supporting women while they are in labor and birth. It is so wonderful to help women on an individual level but we wanted to help more women have the best birthing they possibly could.

Having a positive birth experience is vital! A woman's birthing can affect her self-esteem, the way she views her body, the bond she has with her child, postpartum depression, etc. etc.   

We believe education is key for a good birth experience, if a woman feels like she has control in the decision making process, she will consider her birthing a positive one even with unforeseen circumstances.

And for all the years we have been in this industry we realized a flaw, women are primarily given the uniform that is given to all sick people! A hospital gown instills the message that these amazing laboring women are ill, weak, and impaired. When exactly the opposite is true of these warrior birthing goddesses.

We want to give women options for clothing to birth in that helps them feel confident, and powerful, and beautiful, and all those things that can give them the results they want because they walked into their birth already feeling that way. 


APRIL: Hello! I have been a doula and childbirth educator for 8 years and am your resident birth junky. I love everything pregnancy, birth, and baby. I have been known to hug pregnant strangers in public just because I can’t help myself. I am in the throws of child bearing myself, I currently have 5 kids ranging from 8 to 1. All unmedicated deliveries with the last four born at home. I made my way across Europe twice before I was 20, even living in Paris for a semester studying French and art. I thoroughly enjoy experiencing new cultures, eating new foods, and meeting new people.

ALEENAHi Friends! I am Aleena. I am a  mother to 4 wonderful humans. I had a set of twins just after my oldest turned 4-years-old. 4 kids in 4 years was really fun, scary, crazy and spectacular, though I don’t remember about 3 years of my life. I have learned so much about pregnancy, birth, and parenting not just to singles but multiples as well. For the last 15 years I have studied the body and how to take care of it “whole”isticly. I am a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Doula and Childbirth Educator. I love to workout, read to my kids, and go on adventures. If there is a party going on, I want to be there.