Birth Worker Program

Are you a Midwife, Doula, Nurse, Birth Photographer, or Childbirth Educator?

Do you work with pregnant woman in any capacity to help them have a more successful birth or postpartum recovery?

Then you know how hugely important it is for woman to have their 

Being a part of the dear darby birth worker program you get to offer your clients value discounted price on a labor gown and you can make some money too! 

When you recommend a dear darby labor gown to your clients, you provide value with a great option for their labor for a discounted price and you can

make some money too!


Here's how it Works:

1. Email us at with the subject line "(your name) Birth Worker Program.


2. Within 48 hours we will email you back with a survey to get to know you and your business a little better.


3.If you are accepted we will email you with your very own coupon code to give your clients for $10 off their purchase of a Dear Darby gown.


4. When anyone purchases with your coupon code you will get $10 from every gown purchased!