How to Use Your Labor Gown

Each gown is two separate pieces that snap together to make a complete gown. This makes them convertible and easy to be used in any capacity while laboring. 


- Need to monitor the baby's heart rate? Just unsnap a few of the snaps around your belly on the skirts and apply the monitors. They also allow the cords to escape without pulling up the gown and exposing more of your body than you want on display.

-Would you like to relax your body and labor in the tub but don't wan't to be completely naked? Simply unsnap the skirt from the top and unwind. Every one of our tops is made from moisture wicking fabric (just like a swimsuit) for quick drying. Once you get out pull the skirt back on.

-Nervous about getting the "gooey" part of birth on your beautiful gown? All of the gowns are machine washable. You can also remove the skirt at the time of birth while still having coverage for your top so you can look great in all your pictures.

How to care for your gown:

Here are some key Features to each of the pieces: