I really looked forward to my labor knowing I had something beautiful to wear. The dress functioned exactly for what I needed and was so comfortable. I loved it! Melissa


I am pregnant with my 5th baby and I have been searching for an outfit like this to wear while I labor and birth for years!!! I cannot wait to wear it!  Donna


The gown fits perfectly. I love that the skirt detaches from the top so I can transition in and out of laboring in water. I got the "Sugar" top, I love the zipper down the front.  Missy

My labor gown was so comfy! Every nurse I had thought it was the coolest ever and so beautiful. My postpartum care nurse was like "Oh how cool! It’s like a swimsuit, but a gown, and it snaps everywhere?! And you can just pull it down for skin to skin! How neat!" It was SO much better than laboring in a hospital gown. I felt like I had more coverage and didn’t have even more to tug on and try to arrange every time I moved around in bed in addition to my IV and BP cuff. Absolutely worth every penny! Thank you ladies!! - Paige