Unmedicated Birth Academy

You may have been conditioned that birth is scary:

  • If you have you ever been to a baby shower, you know women LOVE to sit around and tell their “war stories” of their own labor experiences.
  • If you have ever watched a movie or TV show with a woman in labor you know exactly how it goes down, woman’s water breaks, she immediately starts screaming and doesn’t stop screaming until she is a sweaty mess as she pushes her baby out..”
  • If you have a mom that never let you forget “what I went through to bring you into the world.”
  • If while you have been pregnant you have had acquaintances, maybe even strangers express that “you have no idea” what you are in for.

Then you know there isn’t a lot of support out there for women who want an empowered and exceptional birth experience.

But there is something inside you that tells you your birth can be different. You understand that birth is challenging, but overcoming challenges is in your DNA.


As your belly grows and you feel your baby move inside you, you cannot wait to hold that sweet baby in your arms and explode with excitement when you say,


You will emerge a stronger and more confident woman. You will grow in ways that you never knew possible.— no matter how your birth unfolds.

We KNOW you can do it! We can feel it, you have it within you to have an amazing birth. And we can help you get there.

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