I TOTALLY JUST DID THAT!!! A Postpartum Journal

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After we give birth our bodies can feel a little foreign and it can be hard getting used to a body that doesn’t feel completely familiar.  Sometimes voices show up in our heads that might not be very kind, add on taking care of another human being that is entirely dependent on us to survive, and our mind can spiral. It can all become intense and can make it difficult to embrace this postpartum time.

In an effort to help your body, mind, and spirit integrate through the postpartum period, we have created these journal prompts. The journal prompts are weekly as to offer you grace, because postpartum is the time to get used to the new normal.

Take this a week at a time, let the mantras, affirmations, and centering thoughts carry you through your week as you become more mindful of your life.

What's super cool about this journal is that not only can you print it out, bind it (if you want), and write in it. We made it digitally interactive so if you prefer to type, you can type directly onto the blank lines in the PDF!

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